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An on-the-go USB powered device to treat multiple skin concerns in an instant. Choose from hot, cold, and massage settings to soothe inflammation, de-puff, and create a glowing complexion.

  • Hot Mode: Stimulates skin circulation, loosens sebum to deep-cleanse and eliminate build-up
  • Hot + Massage Mode: Helps skin absorb products for more effective treatments
  • Cool Mode: Instantly soothes skin, controls redness and inflammation
  • Cool + Massage Mode: Minimizes appearance of pores and decreases puffiness through lymphatic stimulation

Full Description

Inspired by Joanna’s coveted lymphatic boosting spa treatments, the Magic Glow Wand is a must-have item for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. This one-touch multi-tool uses targeted temperature and massage settings to quickly change the condition of the skin. When skin’s temperature is too high, it can become dehydrated and dry, increasing sebum, puffiness, and causing enlarged pores. If skin’s temperature is too low, blood circulation slows down, dulls, and prevents skin from absorbing nutrients. The Magic Glow Wand allows for quick and controlled treatments to balance temperature and revive your inner glow. The massage modes mimic the natural flow of the lymphatic system, which can carry away toxins from the skin and boost delivery of vital vitamins and nutrients for an age-defying healthy appearance. Rejuvenate your skin in an instant.

Full Ingredients

How to Use

Use daily or whenever skin needs a visible improvement. After cleansing, apply a serum or mask to the face. Press the power button to choose your setting based on skin’s needs, and apply to a targeted area for 2-3 minutes, or longer based on preference. 

Clean the device with a soft cloth or cotton pad after use.

  • Spa-grade skin care tool, built to travel
  • 4 modes for targeted treatments
  • Titanium head for sensitive skin
  • Includes a travel pouch
  • Improves efficacy of masks and serums
  • Can see instant results
  • Made in South Korea

Get spa results at home and on-the-go with this fast-acting treatment wand.

Joanna's Tips:

"To encourage lymphatic drainage, sweep the device outwards starting at your nose, then down the neck to the décolleté. Repeat this motion as long as desired to move out built-up waste water, and allow for fresh nutrients as a replacement."