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Beauty Breakthrough: Full-Body LED Bed That May Reverse the Hands of Time

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> Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas has already made her mark in the beauty world with her A-list treatments and natural skincare products, and now she’s revolutionizing the industry with a full-body treatment for youthful looking skin. LightBed Dubbed “the time machine” by her patients, Vargas created the newly patented LED Light Therapy Bed. It looks similar to a tanning bed and features red and infrared lights, both known for giving your skin a fresh and revived look. The idea arose when a client remarked how she wished she could get the benefits of The Triple Crown Facial — a resurfacing treatment that uses LED light to refine the skin’s texture — on her whole body. ‘Why not?’ Vargas thought. So she created a full-body Light Therapy Bed that targets concerned areas, shrinks pores, and gives you a smoother and more even skin tone. I went in to try a session and was surprised by the gentle nature of the treatment. My first concern was whether I needed to protect a healing wound on my face. “LED light doesn’t damage the surface of the skin > <